What is Maker Sense Foundation Partnership?


Foundation Partner schools participate in the testing, evaluation and assessment of new and extended beta content, resources, features and production services.
In exchange for the considerable value provided by the exchange of information that helps us optimize development and deployment, Maker Sense provides Foundation Partner schools with the aformentioned privileged access, and to an immersive level of personalized technical support.
Foundation Partnership is currently limited to AU/NZ and North America, but is expected to expand to other territories in late 2018 or early 2019.
If you are a teacher, digital integrator, STEM or other digital learning designerand are interested in your school becoming a Foundation Partner, we’d be flattered to hear from you and  pleased to establish a dialog with you to explain the exciting things we’re building, the kind of field-testing input we’re after,  and to explore collaborative possibilities  that will provide unique benefit to you and your students.