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Maker Sense is a new online learning platform featuring design-focused projects and specialized lesson plans. The Maker Sense content and resources are the result of several years of research and testing from a cross-disciplinary team led by co-founder Nicola Herringer, former Head of Primary Publishing for 3P Learning and the globally successful Mathletics online learning system.

The aggregate pedagogical objective of Maker Sense is to equip students with the multi-disciplinary, tech-centric skills base, widely predicted to become the Lingua Franca” of the future. Phase -1 content begins with an immersive introduction to these skills by starting with 3D Modeling/3D Design, and the use of accessible 3D printing technologies as the primary output mechanism. The content and tutorial resources are designed to help students learn essential 3D modeling and associated digital-workflow and technical skills to execute on their ideas in the digital realm (CAD), as well as those required to successfully print their designs.

Subsequent content will extend to include additional aspects of what has traditionally been referred to as “Science and Technology”, or STEM/STEAM, including fundamental analog and digital electronics, sensor peripherals, and the understanding of specialized and general-purpose computing platforms and micro controllers, as well as the algorithmic machine instruction sets (code) that enable those systems to be used as automated hardware and software-mediated control and information systems.

The Maker Sense platform strives to emphasize “skills over tools”, “creation over consumption” and correlation to Key Learning Areas, helping teachers foster a 21st-century Maker Mindset, built upon project-based problem-solving, achieved through informed critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.